maanantai 10. marraskuuta 2014

The Vulgar Elegant presents... himself

My name is Artemis Kelosaari. I write as a way of life and life is a form of art to me. Besides writing, I am also a Queer Burlesque performer under the name Marquis de Marashino.

I dwell in Turku, the Paris of Finland, the city of thousand ghosts. No matter what, I’ll always find a story to tell – be it journalism, prose fiction, poetry or whatever in the end. I go after history and I perplex today’s world, wherever I see something that turns on my interest (usually it’s something grotesque, morbid, extraordinarily beautiful and/or queer in every meaning of the word – pick at least two). I look at the world through my own lenses, though they may sometimes be a bit twisted and bloodred.

My formal education: Master of Arts, almost graduated, from University of Turku. I’m known there as the one whose essays and other writings are way too colourful or edgy for the dried-up academic world.

On the pages of this virtual notebook I’m going to write all kinds of texts, ready and semi-ready. The only thing that’s common for them would be that none will just take this world as it (supposedly) is. Realism, along with its relative “objectiveness”, is one the most dangerous delusions in the world.

Go ahead and contact me in need of a colourful and unflinching writer:
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